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Tokimeki Memorial 4 - Ookura Miyako by iforher Tokimeki Memorial 4 - Ookura Miyako by iforher
Drew up my favourite character from the PSP Dating-Sim Tokimeki Memorial 4, the childhood-friend-girl-next-door-Yandere, Ookura Miyako.

Soooooo many ideas for poses, but decided to settle on one where she looks like she crawled into your bed to wake you up in the morning (which she kinda does anyways)

Kinda messed up on the colouring scheme for the sunlight. I originally used a yellow-ey shade to show that it was morning, but quite liked the peach-ey pink shade. So it kinda looks like you were taking a afternoon nap.

In all Tokimemo games, there's a character whom you can call up on weekends, and ask them for information on your potential love interests (nowadays, ppl just stalk them on Facebook). Your information broker in Tokimemo 4 would be Miyako, who's your next-door neighbour and childhood friend.

During a normal playthrough, she's not actually available for dating, that is unless you follow some specific steps to unlock her as a secret potential love interest.

On the first year, call her up every weekend and ask her out. She'll keep refusing you, but will eventually relent and go out with you.

After a while, she'll develop feelings towards the protaganist, but after a careless statement where your character says "You'll make a great wife to somebody someday!" (if I remember correctly) she suddenly goes through a HUGE character change, becoming super Emo and Super Yandere.

She goes all gloomy, lets her hair down, stalks you, is a real bummer on dates, makes you weird looking Bentos, and if you date another girl (ya bum) her creepy Bunny Doll (that looks a lot like the Silent Hill 3 Bunny mascot) comes to life and attacks you, knocking off all your stamina.

But eventually, misunderstandings are cleared up, and she perks up considerably ^^ She wears her hair up, gets all lovey-dovey, and even wakes you up in the morning by crawling into your bed (Sweet Crispy Coated Bejiminy!). And happy Miyako is just the best thing evarrrr~

All of the Tokimemo girls follow some old anime character cliche (sporty girl, accident-prone girl, artistic girl, airheaded girl) but Miyako however, was interesting in that she was a Yandere character. Scary when crossed, but otherwise DAYUM!
Hula121 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Damn, girl! :O
iforher Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
[link] Very relatedz~
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